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 The Philippine Coffee Company is located in Missouri City, Texas,a suburb of Houston.Our aim is to provide exceptional, high quality coffee atreasonable prices. We have an extensive range of delicious coffees. 

 In addition, we also import Brand Name coffees from the Philippines in Bulk as well as in their original packaging as sold in the Philippines. These coffees are flown in. They are not shipped by boat. We get them quickly and they sell quickly again assuring you of freshness.

 We are the leading retailer of Philippine coffees in the United
States. We offer many different varieties of Philippine coffee. Our single origin coffees come from Sagada, Benguet , Kalinga, Batangas, Cavite, Mindanao and all over the Philippines.The Philippines grows 4 types of coffee and we have them all..Arabica, Liberica (Barako),Excelsa and Kalinga(Robusta). Each has its own special characteristics,and they are all great!

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